André Leiria - Fear of Death EP

Vinyl only. First release from Lisbon’s leading dance music record shop, Carpet & Snares Records.
André Leiria completes his journey from wide-eyed customer to fully-fledged producer, with three
reflective originals and an outer-space dub from Mosaic boss Steve O’Sullivan. ‘Raining Sun’ and
‘Not The Way Home’ evoke wet spring days in the city, sustained chords and delayed accents swelling
like morning river mist over the diligent bass and percussive clatter of urban life below. O’Sullivan’s
drifting dub of ‘Raining Sun’ steps boldly into a galaxy-scale soundspace, echoing the best of his dub
excursions from the late 90s, while on ‘Fear Of Death’ there are hints of another Steve (Reich), its
cacophony of arpeggios propelling the groove into ever higher registers.