Jorge Caiado - Choices EP

Vinyl only. Lisbon-based record shop Carpet & Snares’ second release comes from owner Jorge
Caiado. Optimistic strings and sweetly melancholic keys bring a touch of wistfulness to both ‘AP135’
and ‘Choices’: the former matches skippy Detroit hats with deep Berlin bass in the manner of Derek
Carr, while the latter draws from a rawer palette more reminiscent of 3 Chairs. On the flip, ‘Tarradas’
takes us into spacier territory, the almost-broken beat contrasted with a sustained background wash
of synths and acid highlights, which S. Moreira of the Slow Life crew turns into the main motif of his
driving, funked-up remix, finding a place where techno, breaks and house influences coalesce into a
new, exciting whole.