Here is our full feature with Luhk, where we met him at his studio in Torres Vedras so he could let us know all about his work flow and background.

We would like to thank Pedro himself for allowing us to record this feature, and for all the knowledge and advice he gives out which will be useful for other emerging artists. And we’d also like to issue a special thanks to Rúben José, who has worked tirelessly to make this piece as beautiful as it is.

It truly is a pleasure for us to keep working with open minded and kind hearted people who want to forward the advancement of dance music culture in Portugal. Once this dark period is over, and it will be over, it will be crucial for the local artists to come together and rebuild our scene into something much stronger and more sustainable. It is through local artistic cooperation that a community will evolve, which will in time make it something special and original where artists and other actors will be able to make their living from.

We hope to play our part in this coming revolution. And to everyone in the underground eager to participate and make an impact… let’s unite and get to work!